Senator Dill: Where were you?

Senator Cynthia Dill has once again convinced the people of her district that she actually has their best interest at heart. Her political posturing and tagline approach to campaigning certainly worked well in the latest special election in the Pine Tree State. She claims to be about the people and about bringing businesses to Maine, yet she has done nothing in the past four-plus years that makes the lives or paychecks of working Mainers any better. In fact as part of the 123rd legislature, then Rep. Dill, missed over 17% of roll call votes. Again, during the 124th legislature she missed over 13% of the roll calls. Showing up to vote would be a good start to representing the people of Senate District 7. She also has a reported tendency of being late for the assembly. Maybe now that she is in the Senate her tardiness will stand out a little more and she might consider being on time.

It gets worse though. Following the November 2010 elections, Dill sent an email to other members of the Democrat caucus in Augusta explaining how she had used her clean election funds. One glaring item was the laptop she purchased using the taxpayer funded Clean Elections. First, she bought a MacBook Pro, one of the more expensive laptops on the market. Second, she decided to buy it back from the campaign at a less than fair market value costing you and I money. Is this the type of leadership we want in Augusta? Had no one made this an issue, it is likely that Dill would have been able to skate with a laptop partially on our dime. It may not have been “illegal”, but it certainly is unethical.

For 30 plus years the Democrats have controlled some or all of state government and in those years we have slipped further and further down the list of best states to work in and own a business in. Senator Dill wants to expand broadband service in our state, which is a noble idea but it is certainly putting the cart before the horse. Fast internet doens’t attract businesses when you have one of the highest tax burdens in the country. Let’s work on reforming health care in Maine and reducing the corporate taxes so businesses can settle here and make a profit.

Why does anyone expect anything but the same from Democrats like Dill? And, why do the good people of Cape Elizabeth continue to reelect this woman? Senator Dill, where were you for the four years you served in the majority in Augusta? Why was there no significant job growth in Maine on your watch? It is easy to point fingers and place blame now that she is in the minority, but it is a long process to reverse the negative impact Democrats have had on our state.

Senator Dill is just another Pingree in the making. She relies on the welfare state, the MEA, and special interests to gain reelection and has no interest in lifting people up off the system by helping to create a business climate that promotes job growth. I don’t blame the people on welfare or our teachers, I blame the Democrats like Cynthia Dill who like to talk a good game while campaigning, but do nothing to get government out of the way and let capitalism flourish once elected. Watch out for this one though, she is a hard charger. Couple that with a potential open Congressional seat in 2014 and you have yourself an interesting lineup. Rep. Pingree vacating her seat to run for Senate, Hannah Pingree running for Governor, and Cynthia Dill running for Congress in Maine’s First District. Let’s hope she is late to file.