For Voter Fraud, Look To The Canadian Border

There has been a lot said recently regarding voter fraud, and I believe a response is necessary in defense of “fair voting rights” in our state.

In 2004 I was a poll watcher in Fort Kent and personally witnessed voter fraud by a student attending the University of maine at Fort Kent.  The student came in and asked for a ballot; since she was not registered she was directed to the Town Clerk.  I overheard the clerk asking her where she lived, and she replied “Nova Scotia, Canada”.

She was informed by the clerk that she could not vote in any election in the U.S.; her response was that her professor, John Martin, told her that students could go vote if their physical address was in Fort Kent at the time of an election.  I personally witnessed this conversation between the clerk and the student and was amazed that this could happen.  It is known that some students who are registered in one town vote by absentee ballot and then vote a second time in the town where they are going to school because they have a physical address in this town.  Fraud!

Regarding the Nova Scotia student, she believed what her professor told her and because of his influence was encouraged to go vote.  All citizens of this great country should vote, however, the “key factor” is citizenship.  Individuals who choose to become residents of Maine or any other state for that matter cannot vote simply because they have a physical address in that state.  Why is it that fraud is encouraged by elected officials?  Is it because votes are needed to win?

The law is simple.  Maine citizens may vote in Maine and those who live outside this state have the opportunity to vote by absentee ballot.  Non-citizens are NOT in any position to practice this right even if they are instructed by “professors” to do so.

Without honest voting, our republic will not exist and will be taken over by tyrants who will dictate our rights to freedom by dictating who can and cannot vote.  We surely do not want to become a “Banana Republic”.

For those who have yet to meet a real “left wing extremist”, I suggest they take a ride up to Eagle Lake and I will introduce them to John Martin.  He has been a professional politician for over 40 years and has been able to keep his influence and power by providing entitlements to his people to get re-elected.  As Speaker of the House for 28 years, he brought our state businesses to a crawl.

In defense of Charlie Webster, I believe we all should be happy and thankful in keeping the process from falling off the rails.  It is our duty as honest citizens to do so.  In order to maintain viability in this great state, we need to restore and reinforce honesty and integrity.  Voter fraud and professional politicians abusing taxpayers for their personal gain has to stop.