Monthly Archives: January 2013

Who will be the real spoiler in the Maine governor’s race?

Democratic firm Public Policy Polling came out with a survey this week that showed Gov. Paul LePage winning a three-way match-up against independent Eliot Cutler and every Democrat tested. The same survey showed that when running alone against just a Democrat, LePage was running behind and would face a steep path to re-election. The howling from Democrats […]

Tackling gun laws? Amend Constitution or obey it

I suppose we are finally having that long-overdue “conversation” about guns, aren’t we? Sadly it isn’t a particularly productive one. Neither left nor right is talking any real sense here. Banning assault weapons is little more than a marketing ploy, as the definition of what an assault weapon is and is not leaves millions of […]

Maine’s taxing tax problem

I received my first paycheck of the new year this week. Did you? Notice anything? My wife certainly did. Roughly $100 that had previously been in my paycheck was now missing. That money was probably going to buy groceries but had mysteriously vanished. I say mysteriously because we were told by the president during his […]