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Who will be the real spoiler in the Maine governor’s race?

Democratic firm Public Policy Polling came out with a survey this week that showed Gov. Paul LePage winning a three-way match-up against independent Eliot Cutler and every Democrat tested. The same survey showed that when running alone against just a Democrat, LePage was running behind and would face a steep path to re-election. The howling from Democrats […]

Maine’s taxing tax problem

I received my first paycheck of the new year this week. Did you? Notice anything? My wife certainly did. Roughly $100 that had previously been in my paycheck was now missing. That money was probably going to buy groceries but had mysteriously vanished. I say mysteriously because we were told by the president during his […]

13 bold predictions for 2013

Last December, I took a look at what was then the future and made a series of predictions about the next 12 months. I have to say I didn’t do half bad. Things I got right: President Barack Obama defeating Mitt Romney in Maine, same-sex marriage passing, the world not imploding once it did, Gov. […]

King of the Democrats

Let’s start with the obvious: Sen.-elect Angus King lied to you, and you shouldn’t be OK with it. All throughout the campaign, despite the contrary being obvious to every human being on the planet, King insisted that he didn’t know what party he would align himself with. Maybe he would cast a vote for Minority […]

EPA kicks the can to Maine’s benefit

After months of threats of new restrictive rulings from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that paralyzed Maine’s woody biomass industry, alternative energy producers can finally breathe a very measured sigh of relief. Apparently the pressure of an end-of-the-month decision-making deadline was too much for EPA bureaucrats, so they instead made a ruling not to make […]