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Maine GOP should be bold and visionary, not meek and conciliatory

Well that was much ado about nothing. Republicans caved on redistricting and abandoned their ambitious, if controversial, “Western Maine” plan. The new congressional lines will look an awful lot like the old congressional lines with only a bit of lipstick applied to make the 2nd District a tad more attractive to the GOP. For all […]

Susan Cook Is A Lunatic

The redistricting squabble has shown no signs, as of yet, of lessening.  Yesterday, the redistricting commission held a public hearing, and invited Maine citizens to step up to the mic and give a piece of their mind to the lawmakers on the panel. That’s when this happened: Susan Cook, the secretary of the Maine Democratic […]

Rethinking congressional districts: Let’s get vertical

You would think, after listening to the Democrats scream bloody murder at the unveiling of theRepublican congressional redistricting plan, that it represented some kind of unprecedented power grab, intended to crush the Democratic party forever. I suppose I can understand this reaction. The phony outrage is in line with just about everything else that has […]