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‘Pay attention to me!’ political candidates say

On the national level, there has been a lot of talk about the cold shoulder Rep. Ron Paul has received from the media despite a very impressive showing at the Ames Straw Poll and being in third place in many national polls. The media establishment, it seems, doesn’t take Paul seriously as a threat to win […]

Scott D’Amboise Is Not A Serious Candidate

The time is ripe for conservatives, unhappy with the centrism of Senator Olympia Snowe, to challenge and beat her in a primary with a more conservative candidate.  They’ve never had a better chance. There have been several rumors about former Maine Senator Carol Weston or businessman Eric Cianchette throwing their hat in the ring to […]

D'Amboise Has A Steep Hill To Climb (And It Is Covered In Snowe)

Oh like you didn’t expect plenty of Snowe puns in the next couple years.  Get used to it. Our first guidepost of the 2012 Senate primary in Maine has passed, and has given us our first opportunity to actually compare and contrast the various campaigns. That guidepost is money. This morning, Jonathan Riskind reported on […]