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Maine’s Remaining Swing Towns

One of the criticisms of my previous article on swing towns in Maine was that demographic changes which coincided with increasingly more liberal voting for Governor were responsible for many of the town’s appearance on my list. By that logic – which, incidentally I both recognize and agree with – some towns were given the […]

Maine’s Rebellious Swing Towns

On the night of any election, observers always want to know how the contest is swinging early.  One of the best ways to get a sense how the night is turning out for the prospective candidates is to look at the “swing towns” – Maine’s own gubernatorial bellwethers. In the past 20 years – that […]

Confirmed: John Richardson To Enter Race For Governor

UPDATE:  Verified. This is completely unverified, but I am hearing buzz from multiple sources that tomorrow current Commissioner for the Department of Economic and Community Development, John Richardson, will be making his official announcement that he is running for Governor of Maine. His entry into the race has been talked about for some time, but […]