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The Curious Case Of Norm Olsen

In the past couple of days, the cause célèbre in Maine politics has been the resignation of the Commissioner of Department of Marine Resources, Norm Olsen, and his subsequent torching of the administration on his way out the door. Once the fiery bridge burning occurred, rather predictably the left swooped into action like an opportunistic condor, […]

Can Governor LePage Win Re-election?

What an absurd thing to ask seven months into a new administration. Yet, after a rough beginning, and a more recently successful (read: quiet) period, it seems to be the question I get asked the most about Maine politics.  (My response, each and every time, has been “I’m actually a lot more interested to see […]

Confirmed: John Richardson To Enter Race For Governor

UPDATE:  Verified. This is completely unverified, but I am hearing buzz from multiple sources that tomorrow current Commissioner for the Department of Economic and Community Development, John Richardson, will be making his official announcement that he is running for Governor of Maine. His entry into the race has been talked about for some time, but […]